Tuesday, 17 May 2011

"Role of Education in our Life"


Education is a reflection of a good civilization.human civilization has progressed by innovation in education since periods

Education spreads awareness in society about how we can be a good social being and help others  in our daily life.
Education removes blanket of ignorance and help people in knowing them their fundamental  rights .
Education help in imparting moral values which is missing in our youth and needs to be addressed carefully for creating a good society.
We see that there are many uneducated politician running our government selfishly.and for the proper functioning of governance we need to bring more educated people in politics.change is the need of hour and its time now that we come forward for the betterment of our country.we can see the example of KERALA (Most Developed State)having 90% literacy rate .

Our Brains are appreciated across the globe for  their intellect and it has been in our blood and only education can help groom it.

Many students fail to get on campus placement and it results in depression and stress.while Oureducation.in
helps such students in getting placed and thus helping the cause and talent of youth doesn't get wasted..

Oureducation.in brings creativity through their contest. Being a B.tech student even i was not aware about the blog.thanks to Oureducation.in

Oureducation.in is also promoting honesty among the youth by appealing again and again not to use any unfair means in achieving succcess.

Oureducation.in is creating a competitive enviornment and thus helps students in boosting their confidence..

 Oureducation.in is also helping students increase their thinking space by asking students to write on various topics in their words.
Oureducation.in is helping students by asking them use different tools and technology for creating banners,praparing videos,writing blogs etc.

I personally believe that efforts of Oureducation.in are playing an important role in promoting various faces of education other than just reading syllabus books,which will certainly help in bringing educational revolution in our country.

My heartly thanks to Oureducation.in for their sincere and dedicated efforts towards education in our country.

Finally i want to conclude this in my own words